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by Blabber 'n Smoke

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released January 1, 2002

Blabber 'n Smoke is: Arne Martens & Erik Griffioen / All lyrics written by Erik Griffioen / All tracks recorded at home except Muzak For Rain and Frozen Rhythms, recorded in Freineux, Belgium / All tracks recorded on 4- or 8-track and arranged, produced and mixed by Blabber 'n Smoke / Sleeve design by Blabber 'n Smoke & Tzenko Stoyanov, illustration by Tzenko Stoyanov / Thanks to: Henning Rosenbrock, Tzenko Stoyanov, Mark Schneiders, Pa Griffioen
All rights reserved©2002 BlabSmok Records




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Blabber 'n Smoke Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Muzak For Rain
I know why I'm gone
I know what I've done
I'm not going back
To ruins and wrecks
Lies and backstabs
While time spins fast
Trying to catch the past
I'm not going back

While music plays
Muzak for rain

I'll go far away
To where ever I will be
Where nothing is the same
'cause I won't stay
I won't stay
Not one night, not one day
Away for ever gone
That's what I will be

While music plays
Muzak for rain

I'll sit in the sunshine
I'll sit in the shade
I'll think like a turtle
And be forever late
I tell only secrets
About nothing I know
They call me a stranger
Where ever I go

While music plays
Muzak for rain
Track Name: American Highway
American highway
Yellow line on the side
Moving mountains, you and I
On this desert ride
Tasting land and sky
As we're rolling by
Music's jamming
The engine plays the baseline
We're going for the sea, baby
You and I
Going for the sea, looking for the sea
And we both know why
To the sky, the stones and the sand
To you I wave my hand

Greetings to you all
Creators of the land
Greetings to you all

'cause we're going for the sea baby
going for the sea, you and I
Going for the sea, out looking for the sea
So wild and wide, you and I
So wild and wide, you and I
So wide and wild and wide and wild and wide and wild

Greetings to you all
Creators of the land
Greetings to you all
Track Name: Caesar's Cleopatra
I remember a Sunday morning
It was the brightest day in May
I had been up all night
Making stories only halfway

Dusty snow came down settling
Wood was turning into coal
Steps and crickets jumping
Echoing rhythms in the hall

Fear no God, no Light no Evil
For All is One and One is All
Spiders swinging from the ceiling
Like light-bulbs in a storm

She must be Caesar's Cleopatra
That's who she's got to be
She has to be Caesar's Cleopatra
It doens't take much to see

The wind blew low o'way past noon
Bits of grass, a fresh perfume
Water was cold, took a dive in
Found gold at the bottom of the flow

Came up like a flipper dolphin
Then the gold was stolen by a crow
Rags of music of far away
Caught mu attention like a prey

Silence, music, laughter, fade
Closed my eyes became a plane
Woke up inside a raindrop
And made sure it never dropped

She must be Caesar's Cleopatra
That's who she's got to be
She has to be Caesar's Cleopatra
It doesn't take much to see
Track Name: Frozen Rhythms
I couldn't tell who you were after all this time
I couldn't tell who you were
I once heard you were hiding inside a purple flower
And your tears played frozen rhythms
Symphonies in the dark
And moonlight's blue as sharp as razors
Would cut your shadow up
No I couldn't tell who you were after all this time
I couldn't tell who you were

I thought you wouldn't sing no more
A song that had died
I still remember we sang together
One voice through the night
About fresh trembling reeds
The beauty on the water side
How rags of fog are floating downstream
And re- and disappear

How two trees are slightly rocking
Along with the breeze
Always loving and always growing
Winter into May
I heard you left one morning
With a prayer in your ears
And you were wading thru
Swamps that were sissing too
Trying to throw a line
To a heaven in the sky
No I couldn't tell who you were after all this time

But far away in a little grave
Waiting to die for you
Lied your laugh and dashed tear frozen
Rhythms remembering you
Then cried the little grave her tear
And softly did you hear
How once more one very last time
Your laugh went through the night
Track Name: Ship Sails
I'm biting my milled nails
rumbling my room round
looking for my ship sails
to sail away for holy grounds

I've been searching far too long
must get out of here alive
like in my fathers sailor song
where all starts & ends in strife
have to escape this dreaded fate
that slowly kills & maims your name
nothing will stay or for ever wait
in this life, this perpetual game

Soon I'll be coming to your doorstep
waiting for your hand to go clap
smacking my face, hitting my shoelace
feel your hands my balls embrace
but I'll follow thru, yes I'll follow thru
with one eye gone astray, a nostril flying away

bye bye, no more playing catcher in the rye
I'll fight your fight the only way right
no strings attached, a clean fist-fight
I know your way was done the best
by your mom & dad in Gods place they rest
but I'll win this tale, I'll be the hero,
the big lad & for all I know & care,
you'll make me dad...die

No more drinking wine alone
while chewing on a dog bone
no more squeaking of a bed
the coughing of an old lad
no more clipping my nails
& crying for my lost ship sails
no more of all of that now
nothing ever will make me sad
now that I have found you again
& love you all I can
Track Name: Closing Doors
I wish to hate
what I hate not
I wish to love
what I love not

And I wished to God
that sometimes I was not
And sometimes I wished
that I was but God

I close doors
I close a door to you

I'm dropping and popping
guillotine-like razors
shooting lasers and fasers
I'm just going crazy

And there ain't no stopping
no-no-no no stopping
in the dropping and popping
of our razors and fasers

I close doors
I close a door to you
Track Name: What A Day
Bought a jacket at the market today
the market burned down
saw a man fly from a window
in the corner of my eye
tiny dogs were killing ladies
who had no decency to bow
there were priests spraying graffiti
on police cars going by

A little girl was selling condoms
after her father had come round
saw a fish going eighty
in a fifty mile zone
shook hands with Tommy Waits
outside his favourite liquor store
shot billiards with a lion
who had been raped by a Capricorn

Snook up behind a blind man
shot a bullet thru his head
sold a dead man my last warning
for his gold watch & his pet
walked alone on moonlit drive-ways
& played cards with Johnny Doe
lit a cigarette against a lamppost
smoked it up blowing my horn

Chased a dog that stole my wallet
after he'd bit me in the balls
got beat up by policemen
who were drinking on the job
a bell was striking midnight
but it was only ten a clock
now I wish I were a mountain
with icy snow on top my head

What a day, what a day this is
Track Name: Mime Of A Deaf Boy
The bellman was free of ringing that night
cause the rain outside was so quiet
that in it's deceit no mercury's said

that the fogs would come alone
more than a thousand marching clouds
occupied swiftly all our where-abouts
soft whispers, some cries so very loud
you could hear unrhythmic poundings
of their choking hearts inside

Some got trapped in damned daft fumes
others in hot moistures of liquidised clouds
but there was one voice who got free & out

a one that came from deep below
a voice making love to the mime of a deaf boy
no howl, no shriek or beast there was
just the soft touch of a young mystique

Yes, the bellman was free that night
cause the rain was so quiet, so quiet in it's deceit
Track Name: Top To Bottom
Something happened my way up here
my heart just changed into a tear
I don't know the why or the what
guess it's something my mind just caught
t's getting worse by the minute
pulling me down deep down in it
making me feel so bluesy again
I could use a little bit of Zen

my eyes are in a staring mode
thoughts drift along a misty road
please someone escort me exit
alone I don't think I can fix it

From top to bottom, bottom to the top
bottom to the top, top to bottom

There was always the reign of more pain
I was the night fly that made the stain
on memories coat that you threw away
along with the rest of your pain
yes, I was the night fly swirling around
flashing neon's at the lost & sound
nothing matters when all things lie
not even a tear who'll never cry

I could be a forever lonely one
all thru my life & then I'm gone
who would remember when I rest
that my love was one of the best
yes, something happened my way up here
my heart has changed into a tear

From top to bottom, bottom to the top
top to bottom, bottom to the top...
Track Name: Transistor
I said goodbye...
Track Name: The Passion
He's no more wanted here tonight
he's got to stay away from sight
his gaze is vile, it's hard to bare
look at him just sitting there

as if there are no yesterdays
if where he'd been had left no trace
he exists without a consequence
he's outside law and governments

He's a man who simply shouldn't be;
man's menace to all humanity
if you name a thing he hasn't done
you must be a liar; quick be gone

yes, there's proof he isn't real
and He, the Devil made a deal
how else can he still be here
relaxed and free and drinking beer

Mustn't we all here do something
knock him out before the ring
we must do well what he did too
and no-one knows just who is who

we need some silence, a little space
a safe dwelling for days and days
where we can go to take him out
we'll have great fun; he'll scream and shout

You claim to have the Voice of God
but what's not real; you haven't got
we'll make you pay, you murderous man
you Anti-Christ, you vicious lamb

we know your crimes, your dirty deeds
spilling wine onto virgin sheets
rising death from it's rusty grid
and spreading heresy in our midst

We know now exactly what to do
soon your brother will join you too
first he'll fall of a wall to Heaven
then is stoned and crushed by seven

you'll be crosswise nailed to wood
after Two have horse-whipped you
and tiny claws have pierced your scalp,
a knife will stab but brings no help

Now wrap him up in a linen cloth
he mustn't rise and just walk of
we'll roast him soon and very slow
the last he'll smell is flesh and coal

all confessions have been written down
his voice will speak in every town
and those who still believe in him
must be killed for they have sinned
Track Name: Sleeping Time
Look there she's, the girl of my life
there you can see, she's sleeping now
sleeping in the arms of her loving guy
the windows are steamed, it's cold outside
but tonight she's warm, so safe & sound

Dreaming dreams at sleeping time
Dreaming dreams at sleeping time

But not tomorrow when he'll gone
making his way to his own home town
then I'll be watching her alone again
wishing it was me who left her there

Dreaming dreams at sleeping time
Dreaming dreams at sleeping time

And maybe she's dreaming of me right now
when she sleeps in the arms
of her loving guy
yes, maybe she's got a picture of me inside
& she's looking at it at sleeping time

Yes, maybe she's dreaming of me right now
when she sleeps in the arms
of the wrong guy
yes, maybe she's got pictures of me inside
& she brings them alive at sleeping time

Look there she is, the girl of my life
there you can see her, at sleeping time